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Feminisms/Early Childhoods


Mary Hauser and Janice A. Jipson

Intersections: Feminisms/Early Childhoods presents a continuing dialogue among early childhood educators who name themselves as feminists. Essays by individual contributors are woven together by the coeditors as they interrogate the relationship of feminist theory to early childhood practice. In considering the identity of feminist early childhood educators, the first section of this book reconsiders historical events in early childhood education from a feminist perspective, in many cases renaming the issues and reclaiming the history. The second section of the book reflects on early childhood practice and feminist pedagogy through the narratives of practicing early childhood professionals working in day care, public school, and university settings. The final section of the book examines significant issues facing early childhood from a feminist perspective, including the roles and representations of women and children, the analysis of economic and cross-cultural realities of child care and the consideration of public policy.