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American Indian Studies

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Issues

Dane A. Morrison

This collection of essays brings to college students and the general public a scholarly, yet accessible and provocative text in Native American Studies. The contributors draw upon their expertise in such diverse disciplines as economics, education, film studies, history, linguistics, literature, museum studies, popular culture, and religion. Each essay highlights a particular aspect of Native American experience, from the oppressive indoctrination of boarding schools to the successful strategic planning of Indian casinos to the exciting creativity of Native American literature. In addition, many of the essays introduce the reader to the disciplines through which we can approach this important and fascinating topic, engagingly taking the reader through the process of how historians or economists or literary scholars go about their work.
Contents: Ron Welburn: Foreword - Dane Morrison: Preface - Dane Morrison: «In Whose Hands Is the Telling of the Tale?» - Sally Midgette: The Native Languages of North America: Structure and Survival - Debra K. S. Barker: Kill the Indian, Save the Child: Cultural Genocide and the Boarding School - Wayne J. Stein: American Indian Education - Jon Reyhner: The Case for Native American Studies - William Asikinack: Why Native American Studies? A Canadian First Nations Perspective - Miriam R. Jorgensen: Taking up the Challenge: Fundamental Principles of Economic Development in Indian Country - Wayne J. Stein: American Indians and Gambling: Economic and Social Impacts - Pauleena MacDougall: Native American Industry: Basket Weaving among the Wabanaki - Ross Enochs: The Catholic Missions to the Native Americans - Gabrielle A. Tayac: Stolen Spirits: An Illustrative Case of Indigenous Survival Through Religious Freedom - Eric Mazur: «The Supreme Law of the Land»: Sources of Conflict between Native Americans and the Constitutional Order - Robert M. Nelson: Place, Vision, and Identity in Native American Literatures - Irene Moser: Native American Imaginative Spaces - Tom Matchie: Building on the Myth: Recovering Native American Culture in Louise Erdrich's The Bingo Palace - Laura Browder: «What Does It Tell Us That We Are So Easily Deceived?» Impostor Indians - Jane Frazier: Tomahawkin' the Redskins: «Indian» Images in Sports and Commerce - Ellen L. Arnold: Reframing the Holywood Indian: A Feminist Re-reading of Powwow Highway and Thunderheart - Mary Alice Money: Broken Arrows: Images of Native Americans in the Popular Western - Dan L. Monroe: The Politics of Repatriation - Karen Coody Cooper: Museums and American Indians: Ambivalent Partners.