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Frost's Road Taken


Robert F. Fleissner

According to the revived Robert Frost Society Newsletter, Frost is now more in the limelight than ever. By focusing on him first as a Romantic-Realist, Professor Fleissner shows Frost's debt to major British Romantics, Victorians, as well as American poets (the latter being influences not generally known). Dr. Fleissner comes to terms with Frost as a spiritual writer, stressing his use of the Bible, and discusses a transcription of a Frost manuscript of a new poetic construct. Lastly the author provides an up-to-date account of the poet's relation to multiculturalism in terms of ethnic issues. As the title is meant to convey, the book concerns not a journey assumed merely by a Frost devotee, but Robert Frost's own road being taken, namely that originally traversed by the poet himself and now transformed into essay format.