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Da G. a G.: 101 Sonnetti- From G. to G.: 101 Somnets

Introduction by Manuela Bertone. Edited by Luigi Bonaffini


Giose Rimanelli and Luigi Fontanella

These somnets, written by two established poets in a sort of literary give-and-take - or tug-of-war -, are composite, dreamlike, experimental compositions that test to the limit the self-generating power of the word, the capacity of a sound pattern to resonate, to reverberate within the compositional space until a similar sound is engendered. They are, above all, a celebration of expressive freedom, of the faculty to initiate a difficult journey whose itinerary is as proteiform as the poetic utterance it pursues, ever ready to move in a different direction, to follow the faintest trace, to turn at the slightest provocation.