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The Ideological Hero in the Novels of Robert Brasillach, Roger Vailland, and André Malraux


Peter Tame

The first book to provide a strong theoretical examination of the political ideologies of Brasillach, Vailland, and Malraux, Dr. Tame's study deals in particular with their contributions to the concept of the ideological hero. From different positions of the political spectrum, the three twentieth-century French writers produced what has been called politically committed literature. The principal concepts explored are of «Fascist man» in two novels by Brasillach, the figure of the «Bolshevik» in three novels by Vailland, and that of the Communist hero in three novels by Malraux. One of Dr. Tame's significant findings is that the various images of the ideological hero presented by the three novelists have more in common with one another than has been generally supposed.