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Essays in Honor of Josep M. Solà-Solé

Linguistic and Literary Relations of Catalan and Castilian


Suzanne S. Hintz

Political rivalry and friction between the Spanish periphery (Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, etc.) and its center (Castile) have dampened the study of the linguistic and literary relations between them. However, this collection of essays makes an important contribution to the study of the relations between Catalan and Castilian. Contributors include renowned Peninsular scholars, Lluís Alpera, Carles Duarte, Antoni Ferrando, Joan Triadú, and Francesc Vallverdú, and distinguished American professors Manuel Durán, Milton M. Azevedo, Jaime Ferrán, Peter Cocozzella, and Edward J. Neugaard. The compendium is the fruit of the Fifth Catalan Symposium of the Center for Catalan Studies at The Catholic University of America and honors its director and Professor emeritus, Josep M. Solà-Solé, for his lifetime effort in support of the investigation of the interrelations of the different languages and literatures that have contributed and are still contributing to the real soul of Spain.