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The Peirce Seminar Papers

Essays in Semiotic Analysis- Volume 3


Michael Shapiro

Since the modern founding of sign theory by the American philosopher-scientist Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), the field of semiotics has become increasingly prominent as a method of interdisciplinary research and study, bridging the humanities, fine arts, and natural and social sciences. It is also truly international, with faculty representation at many universities, research institutes, and in scholarly societies throughout the world. This book offers a forum for applications of sign theory in its most developed and richest version - that of Charles Peirce.
Contents: Michael Shapiro: A Few Remarks on Jakobson As a Student of Peirce - Edna Andrews: The Relation of Visual and Auditory Signs in Human Language - Paul Friedrich: The Tragedy of Shame: Anna Karenina - Carol Hult: Metonymy and Metaphor in Joan Didion: A Personal Grammar of Style - Roberta Kevelson: Peirce and Jakobson on Sign Zero - T. L. Short: Jakobson's Problematic Appropriation of Peirce.