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Evil and Theodicy in the Theology of Karl Barth


Scott Rodin

In the broad arena of Barth studies there has been surprisingly little done on Barth's view of evil. This book provides a comprehensive look at the «peculiar ontology» of evil within Barth's theological framework including the development of the concepts of evil in his early theology. It finds that Barth's most important treatment of evil is not found in his famous section on Das Nichtige, but rather in his Doctrine of God. The book's primary focus is on demonstrating that there are four dominant motifs that provide essential insight for proper understanding of his doctrine of evil. In analysing and critiquing these motifs this study provides the reader with a clearer understanding and appreciation of Barth's doctrine of evil. This book concludes with a construction of a «Barthian theodicy», and drawing out implications for Christian preaching, counseling, and ethics.