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Proverbs in World Literature

A Bibliography

Wolfgang Mieder and George B. Bryan

Literary critics and folklorists have long been interested in the use and function of proverbial language in literature. Proverbs in World Literature enables scholars and students to establish what has been published on proverbs, proverbial expressions, proverbial comparisons, proverbial exaggerations, and wellerisms in the works of many authors throughout the world. This international bibliography contains 2,654 entries, of which the first 284 comprise a section of General Studies. Proverb dictionaries based on texts collected from literary works, books and articles about numerous authors, studies of the interrelationship of proverbs and folk literature (fairy tales, legends, tall tales, folk songs, etc.) and theoretical writings on the integration and function of proverbs in literature in general are listed here. The second part of the bibliography is arranged alphabetically according to the last name of the literary author whose proverbial usage has been investigated. Anonymous works are also listed alphabetically. A name index of the scholars cited appears at the end. Extensive materials from many languages and cultures are collected and organized. The bibliography thus includes not only proverb studies regarding the major authors of world literature, but also those investigations that deal with regional writers.