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Strangers in the Land

Pedagogy, Modernity, and Jewish Identity


H. Svi Shapiro

The postmodern moment has meant an unprecedented acknowledgment of the importance of difference and the «other» in the constitution of human identity. Astonishingly, within critical educational studies this has not, till now, included a serious concern with Jews as either an oppressed or a marginalized group. For the first time, in this anthology, a number of leading voices in the field address the nature of Jewish experience and its connections to a radical vision for social and educational change. Bringing together both biography and social theory, the authors explore the «pedagogy» of Jewish experience, in its variety and complexity, and its connections to the transformative or critical visions they hold of education and our world.
Contents: Shirley Steinberg: Foreword - Arthur Waskow: Preface - Svi Shapiro: Introduction: A life on the Fringes - My Road to Critical Pedagogy - Michael W. Apple: Is that Jewish? History, Politics and Finding One's Way - Haim Dov Beliak: Acts of Memory for Creating a Jewish Identity: Learning to Play Countermelody and Develop the 'Weapons of the Strong' - David Bleich: The Living Text: Literary Pedagogy and Jewish Identity - Linda Bliss: Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural World: Who We Are - Alan A. Block: On Singing the Lord's Song in a Foreign Land - Miriyam Glazer: «...the word in the world, the world in the word, ourselves in the word»: Literature/Jewness/Pedagogy/History - Barry Kanpol: Being Jewish: A Narrative of Cynicism and Joy - Stephen Lerman: Mathematics, Critical Pedagogy and the Jewish Question - David E. Purpel: On Being a Jew and a Boston Braves Fan: Alone and Afraid in a World I Never Made - Mara Sapon-Shevin: A Curriculum of Courage, A Pedagogy of Inclusion: A Jewish Woman Makes Her Way Through Academia - Roger I. Simon: Election, Ambivalence, and the Pedagogy of Jewish Particularity - Alan Weider: Being Jewish, Teaching Social Foundations and Studying Race; Some Reflections - Sherry Shapiro: Yizkor.