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Resilience, Gender, and Success at School


Sue McGinty

Resilience, Gender, and Success at School explores the schooling lives of young women in their final year at a high school in the Midwestern United States, giving readers a sense of the personal and structural constraints and strengths that eventually lead to success at school. As these ethnically diverse young women explore and analyze their experiences, the reader is provided with an intimate account of their schooling and personal lives. Education is subversively sought. Rather than submitting to the hegemony of the system, the young women in question make the system work for them. Dr. McGinty investigates why potential dropouts actually do very well at school and challenges commonly held understandings of how young people at risk – and particularly girls – succeed academically.

«This reviewer found 'Resilience, Gender, and Success at School' to be fresh and insightful. In particular, the glimpse into the lives of the five girls was a reminder that our students have real struggles that do make a difference in how they deal with school. The book's message is one that educators can't afford to ignore. How many more students could be successful if we took McGinty's research back to our own classrooms?» (Kim K. Zach, American Secondary Education)
«Sue McGinty ably researched in depth the lives of five young high school women who by all rights should have been part of their school's statistics of failure. They were not. Each, in her own way, learned how to succeed. From their success, their 'winning' against the odds, Sue McGinty draws lessons and insights of benefit to everyone who believes that no student ever should be written off.» (Alan Peshkin, Stanford University, California)