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Columbus and the New World


Joseph C. Schnaubelt and Frederick van Fleteren

Columbus and the New World presents a series of essays on the background and the prelude to Columbus's voyage, on the voyage of the discovery itself, and its aftermath.
Contents: Thomas A. Losoncy: Preface - Kay Brigham: The Importance of the Book of Prophecies in Understanding Columbus - Vernon Bourke: Augustine and Columbus' Voyages - Allan Bäck: Avicenna in the Age of Columbus - George Saliba: Arabic Astronomy during the Age of Discovery - David Buisseret: The Cartographic Background to the Voyages of Columbus - Delno C. West: The Imagined World of Christopher Columbus - James E. Kelley, Jr.: Columbus's Navigation: Fifteenth-Century Technology in Search of Contemporary Understanding - James M. Muldoon: The Medieval Church-State Conflict in the New World - William H. McNeill: Biological and Ecological Repercussions of the Opening of the Oceans after 1492.