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Peacebuilding for Adolescents

Strategies for Educators and Community Leaders


Linda Rennie Forcey and Ian Murray Harris

Contents: Linda Rennie Forcey/Ian Murray Harris: Introduction - Nathan Rousseau/Sonya Rousseau: Dr. King's Giant Triplets: Racism, Materialism, and Militarism - Molly K. Pont-Brown/John D. Krumboltz: Countering School Violence: The Rise of Conflict Resolution Programs - Matthew W. Greene: Redefining School Violence in Boulder Valley Colorado - Linden L. Nelson/Michael R. Van Slyck/Lucille A. Cardella: Peace and Conflict Curricula for Adolescents - Alan McCully/Marian O'Doherty/Paul Smyth: The Speak Your Piece Project: Exploring Controversial Issues in Northern Ireland - Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon: How Can Caring Help? A Personalized Cross-Generational Examination of Violent Adolescent Experiences in Schools - Nadja M. Alexander/Teresa B. Carlson: Adventure-Based Learning in the Name of Peace - Michael Van Slyck/Marilyn Stern: A Developmental Approach to the Use of Conflict Resolution Interventions with Adolescents - Robert C. DiGiulio: Nonviolent Interventions in Secondary Schools: Administrative Perspectives - Rebecca Wasson/Rebecca Anderson/Melanie Suriani: Integrating a Multicultural Peacebuilding Strategy into a Literacy Curriculum - Peter Adam Nash: Disturbing the Peace: Multicultural Education, Transgressive Teaching, and Independent School Culture - Arjen E. J. Wals: Stop the Violence: Conflict Management in an Inner-City Junior High School through Action Research and Community Problem Solving - Dé Bryant/Jennifer Hanis/Charles Stoner: Special Needs, Special Measures: Working with Homeless and Poor Youth - Bonnie Winfield: Community-Based Service: Re-Creating the Beloved Community - Ian Murray Harris: A Summer Institute on Nonviolence.