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Peacebuilding for Adolescents

Strategies for Educators and Community Leaders


Linda Rennie Forcey and Ian Murray Harris

Relying largely on the work of peace- and conflict-resolution scholars from many disciplines, Peacebuilding for Adolescents presents proactive strategies for educators and community leaders. In order to deter adolescent violence, educators have been responding to increasing levels of school violence by severely punishing aggressive children, and politicians have been clamoring for tougher criminal justice measures to deter youth from crime. The authors in this book argue, instead, for a more humane response by teaching young people to value peace, to learn to manage their own conflicts, and to live more peacefully. They take a broad view that ranges over three strategic levels of analysis - personal, school, and community. They argue for the promotion of a culture of nonviolence in the schools to help create what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called the beloved community.
Contents: Linda Rennie Forcey/Ian Murray Harris: Introduction - Nathan Rousseau/Sonya Rousseau: Dr. King's Giant Triplets: Racism, Materialism, and Militarism - Molly K. Pont-Brown/John D. Krumboltz: Countering School Violence: The Rise of Conflict Resolution Programs - Matthew W. Greene: Redefining School Violence in Boulder Valley Colorado - Linden L. Nelson/Michael R. Van Slyck/Lucille A. Cardella: Peace and Conflict Curricula for Adolescents - Alan McCully/Marian O'Doherty/Paul Smyth: The Speak Your Piece Project: Exploring Controversial Issues in Northern Ireland - Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon: How Can Caring Help? A Personalized Cross-Generational Examination of Violent Adolescent Experiences in Schools - Nadja M. Alexander/Teresa B. Carlson: Adventure-Based Learning in the Name of Peace - Michael Van Slyck/Marilyn Stern: A Developmental Approach to the Use of Conflict Resolution Interventions with Adolescents - Robert C. DiGiulio: Nonviolent Interventions in Secondary Schools: Administrative Perspectives - Rebecca Wasson/Rebecca Anderson/Melanie Suriani: Integrating a Multicultural Peacebuilding Strategy into a Literacy Curriculum - Peter Adam Nash: Disturbing the Peace: Multicultural Education, Transgressive Teaching, and Independent School Culture - Arjen E. J. Wals: Stop the Violence: Conflict Management in an Inner-City Junior High School through Action Research and Community Problem Solving - Dé Bryant/Jennifer Hanis/Charles Stoner: Special Needs, Special Measures: Working with Homeless and Poor Youth - Bonnie Winfield: Community-Based Service: Re-Creating the Beloved Community - Ian Murray Harris: A Summer Institute on Nonviolence.