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Citizenship After Liberalism


Karen Slawner and Mark E. Denham

Citizenship After Liberalism explores contemporary challenges to the liberal concept of citizenship, both philosophical and practical. The authors question whether liberalism has the resources to meet those challenges, and explore what might replace it, if it doesn't. The essays approach this issue from a variety of interpretive perspectives and geographical locations. The volume integrates different literatures, including political theory, political philosophy, international relations, and comparative politics.
Contents: Karen Slawner and Mark E. Denham: Citizenship After Liberalism - Roberto Alejandro: Impossible Citizenship - Matteo Gianni: Taking Multiculturalism Seriously: Political Claims for a Differentiated Citizenship - William J. Meyer: The Politics of Differentiated Citizenship - Karen Slawner: Uncivil Society: Liberalism, Hermeneutics and «Good Citizenship» - David J. Kahane: Liberal Virtues and Citizen Education - Elizabeth Wingrove: Educating for Citizenship: Reflections on Pedagogy as Conservation and Critique - Ed Wingenbach: Justice After Liberalism: Democracy and Global Citizenship - Margarita Balmaceda: Re-creating Identity After Homo Sovieticus: Language and the Definition of a New Pan-Russianness - Ronald Beiner: Citizenship and Nationalism: Is Canada a «Real Country»?