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Critical Theology and the Challenge of Jürgen Habermas

Toward a Critical Theory of Religious Insight


Marc P. Lalonde

In this fresh approach to critical religious thinking, Lalonde guides us through the dilemmas of modern Christian theological thought by way of examining Jürgen Habermas's momentous objections to critical theology. Neither accepting nor rejecting Habermas's critique, Lalonde deconstructs Habermas's argument to discover a religious concern that cannot be truly handled by critical theology or Habermas's version of critical theory. In answer to this breach, Lalonde sets out to design a non-theological approach to understanding the religious by expanding the form of critical theory and the content of religious philosophy. With different assists from the work of Michel Foucault, Charles Taylor, and Emmanuel Levinas, Lalonde advances a complex of thinkers and ideas that come to found «a critical theory of religious insight.» In this way, Lalonde's book genuinely develops the religious contribution to critical thought as a whole.