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The Postcolonial Crescent

Islam's Impact on Contemporary Literature

John Hawley

When the Ayatollah Khomeini pronounced the fatwa against the novelist Salman Rushdie in 1989, the world awoke to the question which unifies the fifteen essays in this volume: What is the contentious relationship between the world's fastest growing religion and an increasingly secular literary world? Recognizing the convergence between Islam's religious concerns and the political agenda it shares with many postcolonial emerging nations, noted international scholars address issues of authorization, the role of gender, and the pluralism among Islamic (and non-Arabic) cultures. After providing a historical context for current crises, the essayists discuss the coming cultural enrichment and potential threat.
Contents: John C. Hawley: Introduction: Contemporary Islamic Encounters with the Printed Word - Akeel Bilgrami: What is a Muslim? Fundamental Commitment and Cultural Identity - Mohammed Arkoun, trans. Susan Petit: Artistic Creativity in Islamic Contexts - Rasheed El-Enany: The Dichotomy of Islam and Modernity in the Fiction of Naguib Mahfouz - Anouar Majid: Islam and the Literature of Controversy - Cynthia Nelson: Feminist Expression as Self-Identity and Cultural Critique: The Discourse of Doria Shafik - Miriam Cooke: Ayyam min hayati: The Prison Memoirs of a Muslim Sister - Renate Wise: Subverting Holy Scriptures: The Short Stories of Yûsuf Idrîs - Sabah Ghandour: Gender, Postcolonial Subject, and the Lebanese Civil War in Sitt Marie Rose - Ali A. Mazrui: Islam and Afrocentricity: The Triple Heritage School - Debra Boyd-Buggs: Marabout-Masters: Maraboutism and the Problem of Education in the Senegalese Novel - Syed Ali Ashraf: The Impact of Islam on Modern Bengali Poetry - Habibeh Rahim: The Mirage of Faith and Justice: Some Sociopolitical and Cultural Themes in Post-Colonial Urdu Short Stories - Kamran Talattof: The Changing Mode of Relationship Between Modern Persian Literature and Islam: Karbala in Fiction - Georg Stoll: Immigrant Muslim Writers in Germany.