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Germany Reunified

A Five- and Fifty-Year Retrospective


Peter M. Daly, Hans Walter Frischkopf and Trudis Goldsmith-Reber

No other Western European nation has experienced such a division and reunification of its peoples and lands within a single span of life. Five years after unification, we ask ourselves: what has been accomplished, what challenges remain, what problems have arisen? It is also now fifty years since Germans lived within one set of boundaries. To what extent have Germans come to terms with their past, both Nazi and communist? How do Europeans and North Americans view the newly unified Germany? The purpose of this volume is to explore some of the social, political, economic, ethical, and cultural results of unification, maintaining a wider historical perspective, hence the reference to fifty years as well as five years.
Contents: Sabine Wilke: «The Expulsion of Morals out of Politics: East and West German Intellectuals Discuss Politics» - Hans Bohrmann: «The Amalgamation of East German and West German Media: 1989-1995» - Andreas Graf: «The Dismantling of the East German Media System: Content and Consequences» - Rolf M. Bäumer: «1989 in the Media and the Documentary Film» - Arnd Bohm: «Der Heimat alte Lieder: German Nostalgia and Reunification» - Trudis E. Goldsmith-Reber: «Nikolaikirche: The North American Premiere of the Film by Frank Beyer, Based on the Novel by Erich Loest» - Hannelore Scholz: «Literature of the Wende: Changes in Aesthetic Perception among German Male and Female Writers» - Linda Ellen Feldman: «Maxim Biller and the Politics of Obnoxiousness» - Harald Weydt: «The Mutual Perception of Language Differences by East and West Germans» - Wolfgang Mieder: «Raising the Iron Curtain: Proverbs and Political Rhetoric of the Cold War» - Florian Bail: «Germany's Political Outlook Five Years After Unification» - Dieter Dettke: «Berlin - The Question of the Capital» - Yvonne Erdmann: «The Outcome of German Reunification for the East Germans: Three Different Views» - Christoph Schneider: «Research in the New Bundesländer» - Gert-Rüdiger Wegmarshaus: «East German Science: From Planning to Freedom and Competition» - Gregory Baum: «The Role of the Churches in German-Polish Reconciliation» - Ingo Kolboom: «France-Germany: Old Partnerships, New Responsibilities» - Nicole Bary: «Translation and Reception of Contemporary German Literature (East and West) in France since the Late Seventies».