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For Mortal Stakes

Solutions for Schools and Society


Paul F. Cummins and Anna K. Cummins

What's wrong with our schools? How can they be fixed? Do they need more money? Should we emphasize the basics and cut out «frills» like art classes? Is multiculturalism an important new perspective?
Now, Paul F. Cummins, a nationally respected writer and educator, offers his new book, 'For Mortal Stakes'. This is a comprehensive view of education, children and society, unique in its progressive, idealistic views combined with down-to-earth practical solutions, 'For Mortal Stakes' should become a major position paper in the national debate on educational and societal values.
This book will offer a rallying point for those who are looking for a reasoned, thoughtful, and compassionate approach to educating our children for the twenty-first century. It should serve as a wake-up call for all who are concerned about what is happening to children in today's society and schools.