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The Extra-Ordinary School

Parergonality and Pedagogy


Colin Symes and Daphne Meadmore

The Extra-Ordinary School analyses the extraordinary behind the ordinary in the school. It examines a range of features in the culture of the school, and argues that the extraordinary represents an important dimension of the way the organization of the school is maintained and managed. First, the book deals with the culture of the school, with such matters as school vestibules and speech nights, school excursions, and festivities such as rock music competitions. Then it looks at aspects of school administration to do with school time, school efficiency drives and the testing/examination culture. Lastly, it attends to the school and the body: the risk culture associated with school break-up rituals and the health regimes associated with physical education and the AIDS scare.
Contents: Colin Symes/Daphne Meadmore: Parergonality and Pedagogy - Colin Symes: First Impressions: The Semiotics of School Vestibules - Erica McWilliam/Nicole Cantle: 'Securing a Regular Government': The Prefect and the Contemporary School - Richard Courtice: All-Male Schooling: Speech Night and the Construction of Masculinities - Gordon Tait/Deborah Huber: New Routes for the Field Trip - Erica McWilliam: Brand New Spectacles: The Make-Over of the School Musical - Barbara Adam: Un/Learning the Habits of Clock Time: Re-Vision Time for Time in Education - Sharon Gewirtz: Efficiency at Any Cost: The Post-Welfarist Education Policy Context - Daphne Meadmore: Keeping Up to the Mark: Testing as Surveillance - David Kirk: Health, the Body and the Medicalisation of the School - David Kirk: Embodying the School/Schooling Bodies: Physical Education as Disciplinary Technology - Susan Hopkins: Schoolies Week: Rethinking Risk.