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New Approaches to Semiotics and the Human Sciences

Essays in Honor of Roberta Kevelson


William Pencak and J. Ralph Lindgren

This collection, an exploration of new approaches to semiotics and the human sciences, includes essays by John Brigham, Denis Brion, Marcel Danesi, John Deely, Rolando Gaete, Robert Ginsberg, Bernard S. Jackson, Roberta Kevelson, Robin Paul Malloy, William Pencak, Paul Ryan, W. T. Scott and H. O'Donnell, Thomas A. Sebeok, and Willem Witteveen. Essays concentrate on law and justice in contemporary America (alternatives to courts, judicial practice, Simpson trial, pornography), historical perspectives ( Lex talionis, the image of justice, play, song, and revolution), and semiotic theory (selfhood, grammar, and perception).