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A Trip to Semiotics

Roberta Kevelson

The newcomer to semiotics is the primary intended reader of this book. Each of the authors of the various branches of semiotics open this perspective to all who want to know about semiotics, as well as to those who want to add to their knowledge of semiotics. The topics cover the major areas of semiotics and the human sciences: linguistics, theater, psychology, religion, anthropology, history, law, graphics, music, media, poetics, architecture, and a capsule overview of Charles Sander Peirce. The individual essays develop each specialist's approach to semiotics, with full bibliography for follow-through. The introductory chapter points out the unifying themes that tie the special topics together.
Contents: Roberta Kevelson: When Old is New Again - Arthur Asa Berger: The Sign in the Window: A Semiotic Analysis of Advertising - Myrdene Anderson: Folklore, Folklife, and other Bootstrapping Traditions - Paul Bouissac: The Semiotic Approach to Performing Arts: Theory and Method - Roberta Kevelson: Semiotics in a Peircean Light - Robert S. Hatten: Music Theory and General Semiotics: A Creative Interaction - Linda R. Waugh: Semiotics and Language: The Work of Roman Jakobson - William Pencak: Semiotics and History - Steven Skaggs: Marking Marks or The Semiotic Theater of Dr. Pearce - Shelagh Lindsey/Jerzy Wojtowicz: The Narrative of Architectural Semiotics - Thomas O. Beebee: Cathartic Thinking: Tragic Theory from a Semiotic Point of View - Laurence A. Rickels: Cryptology - Bruce A. Arrigo: The «Science» of Law as Justiciable Speech - Vivian Grosswald Curran: Semiotics and Law - Terry J. Prewitt: Reality and the Games of Wizards.