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John Muir in Historical Perspective

Sally M. Miller

John Muir in Historical Perspective revises and expands popular understanding of Muir's significance. It unearths new material on Muir's famous first summer in Yosemite and his influence on other environmentalists in California and beyond. It offers new insights into his relationship with his family and friends, as well as analyzes Muir's importance in terms of literary and religious themes. This is a valuable addition to the growing literature on John Muir.
Frank E. Buske: Introduction: In Search of John Muir – Mark A. Foley: A Paradise in the Alhambra Valley: John Muir and the Strentzels – Bonnie Johanna Gisel: Spiritual Intimacy: John Muir and Jeanne C. Carr – Nicholas C. Polos: The Neo-Californians: John Muir and John Swett and Their Inner World – Norman L. Wilson and Lucinda M. Woodward: C. D. Robinson and John Muir in the Kings River Canyon – Michael P. Branch: Telling Nature’s Story: John Muir and the Decentering of the Romantic Self – Adam M. Sowards: Spiritual Egalitarianism: John Muir’s Religious Environmentalism – Terry Gifford: Muir’s Ruskin: John Muir’s Reservations about Ruskin Reviewed – Steven J. Holmes: Rethinking Muir’s First Summer in Yosemite – Keith Burich: Josiah Dwight Whitney, John Muir and Clarence King, and the «Chasm of the Yosemite» – Ronald Eber: John Muir and the Pioneer Conservationists of the Pacific Northwest – C. Michael Hall and Stephen R. Mark: The Botanist’s Last Journey: John Muir in South America and Southern Africa, 1911-12 – Robert E. Bauer: Shepherd of the Plains: John Muir at Twenty Hill Hollow.