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The End(s) of Ethnography

From Realism to Social Criticism


Patricia Ticineto Clough

The End(s) of Ethnography: From Realism to Social Criticism was one of the first books to bring the cultural criticism of ethnographic writing to sociology. Clough's unique blend of feminist theory, psychoanalysis, poststructural criticism, Marxist cultural studies, and science studies offers rich insights into the relationship of ethnographic writing and the realist narrative that informs the mass media from the novel to computer technology. Clough's critical readings of the works of Herbert Blumer, Howard Becker, Erving Goffmann, and Toni Morrison are gems of postmodern sensibility. In a new preface, Clough reviews the intellectual context that first produced the criticism of ethnography and offers her perspective on the current experiments in ethnographic writing. The new preface is as stimulating as Clough's original take on ethnographic writing.