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War and Its Uses

Conflict and Creativity


Jürgen Kleist and Bruce A. Butterfield

In War and Its Uses: Conflict and Creativity, scholars from many disciplines assess both the positive and negative effects of war - primarily such major conflicts of the twentieth century as World War II, Vietnam, the Cold War, and several smaller conflicts: the Spanish Civil War, the Israeli War for Independence, the Irish Troubles, and medieval chivalric contents.
Contents: Lauren Kiefer: War Romanticized: The Evolution of the Chivalric Ideal - Pilar del Carmen Tirado: War Games: Cervantes's Battle of the Sheep - Patricia J. Siegel: The Unsung Hero of the Reformation: Saint Francis de Sales - Joanna Bottenberg: Experience and Memory of War in the Art of Otto Dix and Fritz Grasshoff - Dorothy A. Escribano: The Art of Persuasion/Manipulation: The Romances de la Guerra Civil Española - James Armstrong: Non-paradigmatic Israeli Wars and the reMaking of Israeliness - K. Thomas Finley: The Magic Bullet and the Mosquito - Wolfgang Bottenberg: War with Whom? The Leningrad Symphony of Dmitri Shostakovich - Marshall Onofrio: Popular Music During World War II and Vietnam: Standard Conceptions and More - A. Gilbert Drolet: The Media in the Minefield of History - Harvey L. Schantz: Conflict over how to go to War: Congress, the President, and the War Powers Resolution of 1973 - Reinhold Grimm: War, Its Teenage Experience and Present-Day Essence: Three Poems by Hans Magnus Enzensberger - Ann Snodgrass: Self-Consuming Authorship and the Invented Reader of Rosselli's Sleep: (Mis)Reading the Martial - James Hurt: «Hope for our Divisions yet»: Neil Jordan and the War in Northern Ireland - Zohreh T. Sullivan: War, Gender, and Postcolonial Writing - Arnd Bohm: Insect Wars - Michael Johnson: Warring Personalities in Popular Culture - Antje Kapust: Figures of Conflict and the Violent Logic of Exclusion - JoEllen Miano: Contrasting Voices in Response to War.