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«Broken English»

The Creole Language of Carriacou


Ronald F. Kephart

« Broken English»: The Creole Language of Carriacou is the first attempt to document – from a linguistic and anthropological perspective – the variety of Creole English spoken on the island, Carriacou. It is a small island in the Eastern Caribbean between Grenada and St. Vincent, which has long been of interest to anthropologists and musicologists due to its relative isolation and the richness of its African-American cultural traditions. This book contains an extensive ecology of the language, which is followed by a sketch of its major grammatical features. Also included are transcriptions of recorded natural language texts, as well as a lexicon. The focus throughout this work is on the language in its social and cultural context, with the goal that readers will come away with a sense of the richness of Carriacou’s language and culture.