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Revisioning Aging

Empowerment of Older Women


Rosemary Leonard, Jenny Onyx and Rosslyn Reed

Revisioning Aging is a multidisciplinary collection of writings that challenges the dominant social constructions that devalue and discriminate against older women. The aim of this book is to deconstruct the limiting images, attitudes, discourses, and practices surrounding aging that currently prevail and to construct alternative diverse options and possibilities for older women to participate in creating more equitable social and material conditions for themselves. This is achieved by bringing together different disciplinary insights in a range of forms and styles that are presented in the book's three sections.
The first section contains chapters showing how prevailing social, political, economic, and discursive contexts have shaped the experience of aging for women. The second section looks at specific aspects of older women's lives: work (paid and unpaid), living space, and health. The final section begins a reconstruction of the experience of aging for women presenting positive and empowering images, languages, and actions that have made and will make a difference in women's lives.
Contents: Noeleen O'Beirne: Growing Older, Getting Better: Than What? - Jenny Onyx: Preliminary Overview: «The Facts» - Margaret Sargent: Not Gerontology, but - Rosslyn Reed: The Invisible Woman: Older Women Workers - Rosemary Leonard: Unpaid Work: Grasshopper Accusations and the Threat to Social Capital - Jenny Onyx/Pam Benton: What Does Retirement Mean for Women - Noeleen O'Beirne: The «Docile/Useful» Body of the Older Women - Sharyn McGee: Aging: Encounters with the Medical Model - Rhonda Nay: Benevolent Oppression: Experiences of Older Women Aging «Out of Place» - Chris Wieneke/Aileen Power/Lyn Bevington/Diane Rankins-Smith: Separate Lives: Older Women, Connectedness and Well-Being - Margaret Sargent: Which House? - Rosemary Leonard: The Potential for Empowerment from a Life-course Approach - Rosemary Leonard: The Role of Formal Organizations in the Empowerment of Older Women - Jenny Onyx: Reflections on Death / A Celebration of Aging.