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Nova Doctrina Vetusque

Essays on Early Christianity in Honor of Fredric W. Schlatter, S.J.


Douglas Kries and Catherine Brown Tkacz

At the center of contemporary interest in Late Antiquity is the dramatic spread and development of Christianity. This collection of sixteen essays explores early Christianity by examining its architecture, its scriptures, and the writings of its eminent historians, apologists, monastic leaders, and theologians. Greek authors such as Origen, Athanasius, and Eusebius are studied, but also Latin authors from the Western part of the empire, such as Jerome and Augustine. The volume includes major studies by established scholars such as W. H. C. Frend and Robert F. Taft, S.J., as well as important new studies by younger scholars.
Ordained in the Society of Jesus in 1956, Fredric W. Schlatter has taught classical languages and ancient history at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, for over 40 years, holding the Powers Professor of Humanities Chair from 1983 to 1997. His research, which has appeared in 'Vigiliae Christianae, The Journal of Early Christian Studies', and elsewhere, has focussed on early Christian texts and art.
Contents: Catherine Brown Tkacz / Douglas Kries: Introduction - W. H. C. Frend: From Confessional Propaganda to International Scholarship: The Archaeology of Early Christianity - Robert F. Taft, S.J.: One Bread, One Body: Ritual Symbols of Ecclesial Communion in the Patristic Period - Daniel J. Nodes: Origen of Alexandria Among the Renaissance Humanists and their Twentieth Century Historians - Charles Kannengiesser: Lady Wisdom's Final Call: The Patristic Recovery of Proverbs 8 - Andrew J. Carriker: Seven Unidentified Sources in Eusebius' Historia Ecclesiastica - Catherine Brown Tkacz: Quid Facit Cum Psalterio Horatius? Seeking Classical Allusions in the Vulgate - Edward A. Synan: The Vulgarity of the Vulgate - Anne P. Carriker: Augustine's Frankness in his Dispute with Jerome over the Interpretation of Galatians 2:11-14 - Douglas Kries: Virgil, Daniel, and Augustine's Dialogic Pedagogy in De Magistro - Roland J. Teske, S.J.: The Definition of Sacrifice in the De Civitate Dei - Katherin A. Rogers: Equal Before God: Augustine on the Nature and Role of Women - Mary Forman, O.S.B.: Desert Ammas: Midwives of Wisdom - W. Eugene Kleinbauer: Christian or Secular? The Tetraconch in the So-Called Library of Hadrian at Athens - William Edmund Fahey: History, Community, and Suffering in Victor of Vita - Joseph W. Day: Toward a Pragmatics of Archaic and Paleochristian Greek Inscriptions - Anthony P. Via, S.J.: Eastern Monasticism in South Italy in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries - Bibliography of the Work of Frederic W. Schlatter, S.J.