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Theatre in Cyberspace

Issues of Teaching, Acting, and Directing


Stephen A. Schrum

Contents: Twyla Mitchell: Terror at the Terminal: How Some Artists View Computers - Dan Zellner: Definitions and Directions of the Theatre - Bryan Garey: Collaborating in Cyberspace - Charles Deemer: The New Hyperdrama: How Hypertext Scripts Are Changing the Parameters of Dramatic Storytelling - Stephen A. Schrum: Begin With a Single Step: Adding Technology to a Course - Michael J. Arndt: Theatre at the Center of the Core (Technology as a Lever in Theatre Pedagogy) - Terry John Converse: Not So Distant Learning: Using Interactive Technology to Enhance the Traditional, Discussion Based Course - Juli Burk: ATHEMOO and the Future Present: Shaping Cyberspace into a Theatre Working Place - Jake A. Stevenson: MOO Theatre: More Than Just Words? - Kenneth G. Schweller: Staging a Play in the MOO Theater - Rick Sacks: The MetaMOOphosis: A Visit to the Kafka House - A report on the permanent installation of an interactive theatre work based on Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis - Nina LeNoir: Acting in Cyberspace: The Player in the World of Digital Technology - Monika Wunderer: Presence in Front of the Fourth Wall in Cyberspace - George Popovich: Artaud Unleashed: Cyberspace Meets the Theatre of Cruelty - David-Michael Allen: The Nature of Spectatorial Distance in VR Theatre - Lance Gharavi: i.e. VR: Experiments in New Media and Performance - David Z. Saltz: Beckett's Cyborgs: Technology and the Beckettian Text.