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Theos, Anthropos, Christos

A Compendium of Modern Philosophical Theology


Theos, Anthropos, Christos: A Compendium of Modern Philosophical Theology is an anthology of 21 essays (two-thirds of them appearing for the first time) by noted thinkers who rigorously deploy the tools of modern thought to re-examine and restate the central insights of classical philosophy. In natural theology, the contributors address the challenge of influential varieties of skepticism while developing a cogent and coherent framework of thought to defend the existence, as well as the simplicity, immutability, goodness, and infinity of God. In philosophy of mind, they counter modern materialisms with an extensive defense of the existence of a mental reality, which is radically nonphysical. In moral philosophy, the contributors consider the contradictions of relativism and the application of rationally defensible norms to contemporary ethical debates. The final section comprises a critique of syncretism in comparative religion and a phenomenological analysis of the New Testament’s Jesus.
Contents: F.F. Centore: From Cosmos to Theos – Russell Pannier/Thomas Sullivan: The Mind-Maker – Dom Illtyd Trethowan: The Awareness and Certainty of the Existence of God – Leo Sweeney: God: Subsistent and Infinite Being – Brian Leftow: A God Beyond Space and Time – Eleonore Stump/Norman Kretzmann: Absolute Simplicity – Russell Pannier/Thomas Sullivan: God and The World – Sandra Menssen/Thomas Sullivan: Dostoevskian Horrors and the Problem of Grading Worlds – Sandra Menssen/Thomas Sullivan: Homer, God and Evil – Andrew Beards: The Philosophies of Religion of Bertrand Russell and Anthony Flew – Paul C. Vitz: The Psychology of Atheism – John Beloff: Minds or Machines – John Foster: The Case for Dualism – Daniel N. Robinson: The Embodiment of Mind – Charles Taliaferro: Philosophy of God and Philosophy of Mind: Theism and the Queerness of Consciousness – Jorge Garcia: Dimensions of Cultural Relativity in the Moral Realm – John Finnis: Reason, Relativism and Christian Ethics – John Foster: Abortion: Can It Ever Be Justified? – Julian Simon: Do We Have Too Many People? – Josef Seifert: The Uninventable Glory of God as the Deepest Reason for Our Faith in Jesus Christ – Horst Bürkle: Christ, Christianity and the World Religions.