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The Myth of the Liberal Media

An Edward Herman Reader


Edward S. Herman

The Myth of the Liberal Media contends that the mainstream media are parts of a market system and that their performance is shaped primarily by proprietor/owner and advertiser interests. Using a propaganda model, it is argued that the commercial media protect and propagandize for the corporate system. Case studies of major media institutions—the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Philadelphia Inquirer—are supplemented by detailed analyses of "word tricks and propaganda" and the media's treatment of topics such as Third World elections, the Persian Gulf War, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the fall of Suharto, and corporate junk science.

Noam Chomsky: Preface – Introduction: The Illiberal Media – Part 1 The Market System Versus Freedom of Expression – Chapter 1 Market System Constraints on Freedom of Expression – Chapter 2 The Propaganda Model – Chapter 3 The Deepening Market in the West: Commercial Broadcasting on the March – Chapter 4 The Media Megamergers – Part 2 News Values, News Papers, News Shapers – Chapter 5 The Politics of Newsworthiness – Chapter 6 All the News Fit to Print (Part 1): Structure and Background of the New York Times – Chapter 7 All the News Fit to Print (Part 2): Biases and Propaganda Service in Covering Foreign Affairs – Chapter 8 All the News Fit to Print (Part 3): The Vietnam War – Chapter 9 The Wall Street Journal as Propaganda Agency – Chapter 10 The Inky and Me: A Study in Market Driven Journalism – Chapter 11 David Broder and the Limits of Mainstream Liberalism – Part 3 Media Coverage of Foreign and Domestic Policy – Chapter 12 The Media’s Role in U.S. Foreign Policy: The Persian Gulf War – Chapter 13 Legitimization by Fraudulent Elections – Chapter 14 NAFTA, Mexican Meltdown, and the Propaganda System – Chapter 15 Carlos and Posada: Their Terrorists and Ours – Chapter 16 Suharto: The Fall of a Good Genocidist – Chapter 17 Corporate Junk Science in the Media – Part 4 Propaganda and Democracy – Chapter 18 The Propaganda Model Revisited – Chapter 19 Postmodernism and the Active Audience – Chapter 20 Word Tricks and Propaganda –Chapter 21 Toward a Democratic Media – Name Index – Subject Index.