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Values and Human Experience

Essays in Honor of the Memory of Balduin Schwarz


Stephen D. Schwarz and Fritz Wenisch

Contents: Stephen Schwarz, Otto Neumaier, and Michael Wenisch: The Life and Work of Balduin Schwarz - Balduin Schwarz: The Healing Power of Gratitude - Balduin Schwarz: Transcendent Gratitude - Josef Seifert: From a Phenomenology of Gratitude to a Personalistic Metaphysics - Loretta Marra: Covetousness - William Marra: On Pity and Sympathy - Stephen Schwarz: Love of Truth as a Moral Virtue - Damian Fedoryka: Toward a Concept and a Phenomenology of the Gift - Fritz Wenisch: The Good and the Right - W. Norris Clarke: Two Perspectives on the Meaning of 'Good' - Mark Roberts: Values and Education - Peter Kreeft: A Refutation of Moral Relativism - Wolfgang Waldstein: Utilitarianism as Destructive of Justice: Cicero and the Roman Jurists - Thompson M. Faller: The Rights of the Human Person - Ronald Tacelli: Moral Values in a World Without God - Ronda Chervin: The Concept of Eternity - John Crosby: Marcel and Kierkegaard on Hope and Despair.