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Perspectives in Critical Thinking

Essays by Teachers in Theory and Practice


Danny Weil and Holly Kathleen Anderson

Perspectives in Critical Thinking makes accessible some of the best teaching practices and theoretical discussions concerning critical thinking in the United States. Covering a wide range of topics that focus on issues such as primary school education, middle school instruction, service learning, journal writing, mathematics education and social science instruction, this selection of diverse contributors offers a varied selection of readings that contemplate how teaching can become a powerful experience for both educators and students alike. The essays concentrate on practical considerations that focus on classroom learning within a critical theoretical context and offer immediate strategies, techniques and examples that are designed for any educator interested in transforming learning into a truly profound experience. By focusing on critical theory that is practical and accessible to the reader, as well as practice that is immediately translatable into classroom practice, Perspectives in Critical Thinking is an indispensable resource for teachers, administrators, policymakers, and anyone interested in profound challenges to current educational theory and practice.
Contents: Danny Weil/Holly Kathleen Anderson: Introduction – Danny Weil: Learning to Reason Dialectically: Teaching Primary Students to Reason Within Different Points Of View – Joe L. Kincheloe: Making Critical Thinking Critical – Peter M. Appelbaum: Eight Critical Points for Mathematics – Greg Sarris: Storytelling in the Classroom: Crossing Vexed Chasms – Nancy P. Kraft: The Role of Service-Learning in Critical Thinking – Jenice L. View: Inviting Youth into Civic Action – Raymond A. Horn, Jr.: Becoming A Critical Teacher – Valerie J. Janesick: Using a Journal to Develop Reflective and Critical Thinking Skills in Classroom Settings – Kevin Tavin: Just Doing It: Towards a Critical Thinking of Visual Culture – David B. Pushkin: Critical Thinking in Science - How Do We Recognize It?