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Authentic African Christianity

An Inculturation Model for the Igbo


Peter Nlemadim Domnwachukwu

How deeply committed to the Christian faith are the Igbo? This question is both timely and current for the issue of practicing Christianity in Igboland, and deserves both objective and enduring answers. To answer this question objectively and suggest an enduring solution to the surface-level Christianity in Igboland, this book examines the nature of Christianity in Igboland and proposes dialogue as an effective inculturation model for authentic Igbo Christianity. The author asserts that for Christianity to become authentically Igbo, the Igbo must hear the Christian message in a language they can understand, and conceive Christian meanings in symbols and metaphors that are native to them. Dr. DomNwachukwu combines literary and field research to present the current nature of Igbo Christianity, highlighting its inadequacies, and formulates practical steps to achieve authentic Igbo Christianity.