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Diverse Thoughts on Man

Translated by Murray D. Sirkis and Aleksandra Gruzinska


Aleksandra Gruzinska and Murray D. Sirkis

Antoine Pecquet wrote in the eighteenth century during the reign of Louis XV. Although he included Pascal among those he admired, he considered Alexander Pope his true mentor. In Part 1 of Diverse Thoughts on Man, Pecquet reflects on Man's responsibilities as an individual: in Part 2, on Man's responsibilities as a member of society. Among these responsibilities he includes human and social concerns, such as parental and filial obligations, and the transfer of wealth between generations. In the tradition of Montaigne, Pecquet intended his Diverse Thoughts on Man to help his readers learn more about themselves. Although he felt that those who would profit most from his book were readers who had not greatly pondered about themselves, he believed that every reader could find something of value in it.