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China in the Anti-Japanese War, 1937-1945

Politics, Culture, and Society


David P. Barrett and Larry N. Shyu

Contents: Larry N. Shyu: Introduction: Sino-Japanese Relations in Peace and War – Young-tsu Wong: The Xi’an Incident and the Coming of the War of Resistance – De-min Tao: Japan’s War in China: Perspectives of Leading Japanese Sinologists – Eto Shinkichi: Japanese Maneuvers for Peace with China, 1937-1940 – Guido Samarani: The Evolution of Fascist Italian Diplomacy During the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1943 – Chen Qianping: Sino-British Relations and the Tibetan Crisis of 1943 (Translated by David P. Barrett) – Roger B. Jeans: Third-Party Collaborators in Wartime China: The Case of the Chinese National Socialist Party – Yu Shen: Juntong, SACO, and the Nationalist Guerrilla Effort – Jin Pusen: To Feed a Country at War: China’s Supply and Consumption of Grain During the War of Resistance (Translated by Larry N. Shyu) – Ka-che Yip: Disease and the Fighting Men: Nationalist Anti-Epidemic Efforts in Wartime China, 1937-1945 – Chen Hongmin: Traditional Responses to Modern War: The Nationalist Post-Stage System and the Communist Great Production Movement (Translated by David P. Barrett) – Hui-yu Caroline Ts’ai: The War Never Ended: The War Compensation Movement in Taiwan.