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Issues in Travel Writing

Empire, Spectacle, and Displacement

Kristi Siegel

The increased attention now devoted to studying travel writing and theory follows on the heels of a growing critical interest in autobiography (a genre closely aligned to travel writing); commentary on multiculturalism, nationalism, colonialism, and post-colonialism; and in spectacle and visual culture. The essays collected here address these diverse impulses and focus provocatively on issues of colonialism/post-colonialism, empire, identity, culture, spectacle, pilgrimage, map theory, narrative theory, diaspora, and displacement, and discuss writers as diverse as Ernest Hemingway, Theodore Roosevelt, Jean Baudrillard, Alexis de Tocqueville, Simone de Beauvoir, V. S. Naipaul, Evelyn Waugh, John McPhee, George Orwell, Graham Greene, Walter Benjamin, Constance Fredericka Gordon Cumming, Willa Cather, Elizabeth Bowen, Kurt Vonnegut, Dorothy Richardson, Jonathan Raban, Paul Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, and Doris Lessing.
Contents: Kristi Siegel: Travel Writing and Travel Theory – Edward Whitley: Race and Modernity in Theodore Roosevelt’s and Ernest Hemingway’s African Travel Writing – Melanie R. Hunter: British Travel Writing and Imperial Authority – Adam Piette: Travel Writing and the Imperial Subject in 1930s Prose: Waugh, Bowen, Smith, and Orwell – Cecilia Novero: Contemporary German Journeys to Italy – Andrea Feeser: Constance Fredericka Gordon Cumming’s «Picturesque» Vision: A Christian, Westernized Hawai’i – Kristi Siegel/Toni B. Wulff: Travel as Spectacle: The Illusion of Knowledge and Sight – Marco Diani: Baudrillard’s Explorations of Tocqueville’s America: Wandering in Hyperdemocracy – Gary Totten: Simone de Beauvoir’s America Day by Day: Reel to Real – Cynthia Ho: St. Lawrence and the Pagans in The Marvels of Rome – Theodore C. Humphrey: John McPhee’s Spiritual Journeys: The Authenticating Eye – Donna Foran: Kurt Vonnegut’s Search for Soul – Heidi N. Sjostrom: Willa Cather’s Nebraska Prairie: Remembering the Spirit of its Land and People – María Francisca Llantada Díaz: Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage as a Journey. Down to the Center of Being – Joseph Pugliese: In the Ruins of Diaspora: A Southern Italian Perspective – Andrew Palmer: (Re)-Visiting Der Heim: The Amazing Return to the Place You’ve Never Been Which Isn’t There – Katy Nebhan: Australian Muslim Experiences of the Meccan Pilgrimage or Hajj – Pallavi Rastogi: A Million Enigmas Now: V.S. Naipaul’s Use of Landscape in the Construction of the «English» Self – Jan Borm: Jonathan Raban’s Coasting and Literary Strategies in Contemporary British Travel Writing.