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«Bright Unequivocal Eye»

Poems, Papers, and Remembrances from the First Jane Kenyon Conference

In April of 1998 the First Jane Kenyon Conference brought together Donald Hall, Wendell Berry, Galway Kinnell, Alice Mattison, Gregory Orr, and Joyce Peseroff along with a number of scholars, teachers, students, and admirers of Jane Kenyon's poetry. What was said about Jane Kenyon and about her poetry was informed and informative, and often very moving. This volume collects poems and remarks about her and her work by Hall, Berry, Kinnell, Mattison, Orr, and Peseroff, as well as essays by a dozen other conference participants.
Contents: Bert Hornback: Preface: About Jane Kenyon – Donald Hall: Two Poets in One House – Galway Kinnell: How Could She Not – Joyce Peseroff: Green House – Alice Mattison: «Let It Grow in the Dark Like a Mushroom»: Writing with Jane Kenyon – Gregory Orr: Our Lady of Sorrows: Some Thoughts on Jane Kenyon – Paul Breslin: Jane Kenyon’s «Manners Toward God»: Gratitude and the «Anti-Urge» – Roberta White: «It could be for beauty ...»: Poetics in The Boat of Quiet Hours – Lyn Fraser: My Father’s Windmill: Daily Grieving in the Poetry of Jane Kenyon – Judith Harris: Vision, Voice, and Soul Making in «Let Evening Come» – Bernadette Dieker: Responsibility to Detail – Becky Edgerton: Attention as a Palliative for Depression: The Poems of Jane Kenyon – Todd F. Davis/Kenneth Womack: Setting into the Light: The Ethics of Grace in the Poetry of Jane Kenyon – Lionel Basney: Trust in Otherwise – Ann Hostetler: Food as Sacrament in the Poetry of Jane Kenyon – Brett Dolenc: Emphasis: The Placement of «Killing the Plants» in The Book of Quiet Hours – Marsha Nourse: The Interior Garden in Jane Kenyon’s Poetry – Robert Spirko: Affective Disorders: The Treatment of Emotion in Jane Kenyon’s Poetry – Lawrence Kuhar: Optical Allusions and Personal Voices in Jane Kenyon’s Poetry – Donald Hall: Letter With No Address Weeds and Peonies – Wendell Berry: Sweetness Preserved – Jack Kelleher: A Bibliographical Checklist.