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El nuevo mundo descubierto por Cristóbal Colón- The New World Discovered by Christopher Columbus

Una comedia en tres actos por Lope de Vega/A Play in Three Acts by Lope de Vega- Una edición crítica y bilingüe/A Critical and Bilingual Edition


Robert M. Shannon

This book distinguishes itself from other editions of El nuevo mundo in that it is the first critical edition of the play by Lope de Vega that, in the absence of a known manuscript, is based on the existing three princeps editions: Madrid, Barcelona, and Pamplona, 1614. This critical edition is also unique in its juxtaposition of Spanish poetry with an English prose translation. The introduction to this bilingual critical edition places El nuevo mundo within the ideological context of seventeenth-century theater; suggests 1600 as the date of the play’s composition; explains the purpose of allegory; shows the challenges of staging the play; offers a stemma of recent editions; and analyzes the rhyme scheme of the Spanish verse.