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«The Poor Woman»

A Critical Analysis of Asian Theology and Contemporary Chinese Fiction by Women


Wai-Ching Angela Wong

For more than five decades, Asian theologians have foregrounded Western constructions of the colonizer and the colonized, asserting in the process, strong national and thereby regional identity. The most conspicuous result is found in the over-generalized representation of women in «the poor woman» – a victim of imperialism of the West and all the social and political problems of Asian countries, and conversely, a fighter and rebel who fights for her fate and destiny despite extremely unfavorable circumstances under colonialism and its aftermath. This study of the fiction of Hong Kong women writers is therefore an attempt to introduce a rich and complex discourse of women into the monolithic representation of women in Asian theological discourse, and hence its implication to an alternative theological formulation, and in this particular case, an alternative to the formulation of Asian feminist Christology.