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Religion in a Pluralistic Age

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Philosophical Theology


Donald A Crosby and Charley D. Hardwick

Religion in a Pluralistic Age is a collection of selected papers presented at the Third International Conference on Philosophical Theology, which met in Bad Boll, Germany, in the summer of 1998. The conference was sponsored by the Highlands Institute for American Religious and Philosophical Thought, and its theme was «Public and Private Religion in a Pluralistic Age.» This theme explores interactions of public and private religion and ways in which both relate to an increasingly pluralistic age of diverse outlooks and forms of life. The Highlands Institute emphasizes the interface between theology and philosophy. It is especially concerned with theological efforts utilizing the American philosophical tradition, with the development of distinctively American religious thought, with themes relevant to the «Chicago School» of theology, and with naturalism in American religious thought.
Contents: Frederick Ferré: Public Religion - Public Metaphysics – Ingolf U. Dalferth: Paradigm Lost - From the Sense of the Whole to the Sense of the Presence of God – Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki: Pragmatic Pluralism – Kathlyn A. Breazeale: Marriage After Patriarchy? Partner Relationships and Public Religion – J. Harley Chapman: Theology As If Soul Mattered – Donald A. Crosby: Pluralistic Dialogue and Pragmatic Truth – Hermann Deuser: Religion and the Function of Religiousness - John Dewey’s A Common Faith – Mary Doak: Religion in Public - Dangerous Narratives and Practical Reasoning – Willem B. Drees: Naturalism, Morality, and Religion – Emanuel S. Goldsmith: Mordecai M. Kaplan, Religious Naturalism, and Evolving Jewish Thought – Fred W. Hallberg: Problems of Mutuality and Inequality in a Pragmatic Theory of Religious Truth – Guy B. Hammond: Conscience in Public and Private – Charley D. Hardwick: Foundational Elements in a Naturalistic Theology – Todd M. Lekan: Natural Piety - A Public Value – Ulrich Lincoln: Belief and Hope as Action in Søren Kierkegaard’s Works of Love – William D. Lindsey: Social Minds and Moral Development - Social Gospel Soundings of a Theme – Maria-Sibylla Lotter: What Could Be the Point in Speculating on God’s Personality - Some Observations on Whitehead – Charles S. Milligan: The Cosmic Dimension of Aesthetics – James O. Pawelski: William James and Epiphanal Experience – William L. Power: The Christian Myth and its Philosophical Interpretation - Some Peircean Musings – Howard B. Radest: One World At a Time – Heiko Schulz: Is There a Duty to Believe? Critical Reflections on the Doxastic Ethics of William James – Jerome P. Soneson: Religion, Nationalism, and War - A Niebuhrian Suggestion for the Dream of a Better World Gone Awry – Atsushi Sumi: Whitehead on Religion, Civilization and Adventure – Meredith Underwood: Watching the World Wake Up From History - The Postmodern Challenge to Historicist Theology.