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Text and Concept Analysis in Royal Psalms


Randy G. Haney

The Royal Psalms, one of the most notable achievements of ancient Hebrew poetry, continues to intrigue readers. Text and Concept Analysis in Royal Psalms is a methodologically oriented case study focusing on Royal Psalms 2, 110, and 132 and concentrates on the relationship between the explicit surface statements of each text and the inexplicit conceptual presuppositions underneath the surface of the text. This book breaks new ground in the study of the Royal Psalms by clearly demonstrating the close and presupposed relationship between ideology and history in ancient Israelite perceptions of religion and history. The crucial substance and critical issue in understanding the Royal Psalms is the actuality that the ideological impetus has a regulative value that serves to oversee the narrative itself.

«What a joy to experience reading the texts of Psalms 2, 110, and 132 from the perspective of the aims and insights of the Knierim school of Old Testament exegesis. In order to situate Knierim’s work in the field of Old Testament studies, Randy G. Haney, who was a student of Knierim, begins with a vivid and telling discussion of the history of study on the Royal Psalms from the early nineteenth to the late twentieth centuries, pointing out both the in-adequacies and contributions of a diverse community of scholars. ‘Text and Concept Analysis in Royal Psalms’ does an excellent job of demonstrating a consistency of Zion theology, especially in consideration of contemporary tensions between the faith community of Israel and those who are seen as being outside of it.» (Emily Sampson, Professor of Humanities, Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, California)
«A profoundly satisfying treatise focusing on the final form of the biblical texts of ‘Royal Psalms’ 2, 110, and 132. Randy G. Haney, employing the exegetical methodology of text and concept analysis, ventures into uncharted territory in a well-articulated and thoroughly documented attempt to fathom the psalmist’s overarching concept of a ‘theology of eternity.’ This book is a must read for any and every Bible student at any level.» (Jose Jacinto, Professor of Philosophy, Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, California)
«The essay on Psalm 2 is good news – not just for teachers of Old Testament literature, but for all who are committed to reading the text of the Old Testament on its own terms without Jewish or Christian doctrinal bias. Randy G. Haney moves deftly through the exegesis of the Hebrew text of Psalm 2 viewing the overall phenomenological concept of the ‘world’ of the psalm as residing in an ideology of power domination that sanctions violence and the suppression of legitimate claims to autonomy by other nations. A compelling example of incisive critical thinking from the standpoint of textually-based exegesis.» (Key-Young Nam, Senior Professor of Philosophy and Metaphysics, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea)