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Essays in Honor of Burleigh Wilkins

From History to Justice


Aleksandar Jokic

This collection of essays honors Burleigh Taylor Wilkins, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a distinguished scholar who has made significant contributions in a wide range of areas, including the history of philosophy, philosophy of history, political philosophy, and applied ethics. Wilkins has written books on Edmund Burke, G.W.F. Hegel, Karl Popper, and terrorism and collective responsibility. His paper, «A Third Principle of Justice», is a valuable addition to John Rawls’ work on political liberalism. This volume contains assessments of Wilkins’ writings by noted philosophers as well as essays on topics of interest to Wilkins. It includes an intellectual autobiography by Wilkins and his responses to the essays contained in this collection.
Contents: Aleksandar Jokic: Preface – Burleigh T. Wilkins: An Intellectual Autobiography – Johnatan L. Gorman: From History to Justice: Understanding Philosophy of History – Paul Redding: Wilkins, Hegel, and History – C. Behan McCullagh: Understanding History – Susan Meld Shell: Honor and the End of History: A Reading of Kant’s «Renewed Question» – Frederick G. Whelan: Taking Burke Seriously – Kai Nielsen: The Crisis of Socialism and Analytical Marxism – David Copper: An Introduction to Applied Ethics. With References to Contributions by Burleigh Wilkins – Aleksandar Jokic: What is Wrong with Potentialism? – Margaret Gilbert: Considerations on Collective Guilt – Brenda M. Baker: Wilkins on Intention and Responsibility, and the Obligation to Obey the Law – Edmund Wall: Coercion, Voluntariness, and Valid Consent – Thomas Pogge: On the Third Principle of Justice Proposed by Burleigh Wilkins – J. Angelo Corlett: Collective Moral Responsibility – Burleigh T. Wilkins: Replies and Reflections – Burleigh T. Wilkins: Epilogue – Joseph White: Two Voices - Philosopher and Writer.