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Theology and the Experience of God


Dale M. Schlitt

Theology and the Experience of God is an implicit, critical dialogue with Hegel’s philosophy of religion and Anglo-American experientialist traditions. It suggests that the ancient Christian tradition of theology as faith seeking understanding (fides quaerens intellectum) should be reinterpreted today as the experience of God seeking understanding (experientia Dei quaerens intellectum). It presents fundamental theology in this light and then reflects on aspects of three specific experiences of God – namely, the charismatic experience of the Spirit, the call of the risen One to a renewed Christian ecumenism, and the role of the aging in reminding the Christian community that God is its goal. This book continues with further, more systematic theological reflections on faith, hope and love, on the reality of sin, and on the experience of the Trinity and ends with a reflection on the reign and realm of God as movement of enriching experience or spirit.