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Research in International Education

Experience, Theory, and Practice


Liora Bresler and Alexandre Ardichvili

The international dimension of research in education signals a paradigm shift in thinking about educational research in general. This collection of essays by a group of prominent scholars in several fields, including human resource education, early childhood, educational evaluation, interpretive research, arts education, anthropology, and philosophy of education, is a cutting-edge publication that defines new theoretical and methodological directions in international education research. Research in International Education consists of both conceptual chapters and chapters based on empirical work that together address methodological/theoretical issues involved in international education research, contexts of research, and research in informal and formal settings.
Contents: Earl D. Kellogg: Foreword – Liora Bresler/Alexander Ardichvili: Acknowledgments – Liora Bresler/Alexander Ardichvili: Introduction: Personal and Institutional Contexts for International Education Research – Alexander Ardichvili: Dealing with Theoretical and Methodological Paradoxes in International and Comparative Education Research: What Can We Learn from Related Disciplines? – Liora Bresler: The Interpretive Zone in International Qualitative Research – Alma Gottlieb: Deconstructing the Notion of Education: A View from West Africa – K. Peter Kuchinke: Assessing Culture: Prospects and Limitations of Quantitative Cross-National Research – Anne McKee/Robert E. Stake: Making Evaluation Democratic in a Climate of Control – Alison Mathie/Jennifer C. Greene: Honoring Difference and Dialogue in International Education and Development: Mixed-Method Frameworks for Research – Nicholas C. Burbules: The Global Context of Educational Research – Bertram C. Bruce: New Technologies and Social Change: Learning in the Global Cyber Age – Gary N. McLean: Human Resource Development as a Factor in the Inevitable Move to Globalization – Daniel J. Walsh: The Development of Self in Japanese Preschools: Negotiating Space – Michalinos Zembylas: Struggles Between Global and Local Influences: Changing Patterns of the Cypriot Elementary School Science Curriculum Development – Betty Merchant: Cross-National Transitions and Schooling: Experiences of Limited- and Non-English-Speaking Teenagers.