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German? American? Literature?

New Directions in German-American Studies


Winfried Fluck and Werner Sollors

More than 25,000 German-language titles have been published in the United States from the colonial period to the twentieth century. This book gives a fresh look at this rich historical tradition, with essays discussing all genres of this colorful literature, ranging from immigrant letters to experimental German-language poetry by Jewish women, from German-American novelists and playwrights to Austrian refugee publishers and a psychological theorist of the movies. German? American? Literature? reintroduces the modern reader to a fascinating subject that has gained new relevance in an age of increased global migrations.
Contents: Werner Sollors: The German American Tradition Reconsidered – Sander L. Gilman: German? American? Literature? - Some Thoughts on the Problem of Question Marks and Hyphens – Frank Trommler: Literary Scholarship and Ethnic Studies: A Reevaluation – Alfred L. Brophy: The Intellectual World of a Seventeenth-Century Jurist: Francis Daniel Pastorius and the Reconstruction of Pietist Thought – Tatjana Koncilia: The Moravian Spiritual Autobiography: A Tale of Personal Faith or an Instrument of Community Discipline? – Kenneth Kronenberg: Personal Traits, Success, and Failure in Immigration: The Letters of the Van Dreveldts – Elliott Shore: The Mysteries of Philadelphia in 1850: The German American Context – Irene S. Di Maio: Unity and Diversity in Friedrich Gerstäcker’s Novels of North American Immigration – Theodore Gish: Literature and German-Language Publications in Texas – Britta Behmer: From German Cultural Criticism to Abolitionism. Ottilie Assing: «Zealous to give vent to her gall» – Winfried Fluck: The Man Who Became Weary of America: Ferdinand Kürnberger’s Novel Der Amerika-Müde (1855) – Sieglinde Lemke: Transatlantic Relations: The German Du Bois – Sabine Haenni: Constituting a Public: German Jewish Contact, German American Theater, and the Formation of German American Ethnicity in the 1890s – Lawrence Rosenwald: Language Traitors, Translation, and Die Emigranten – Peter Conolly-Smith: Hugo Münsterberg’s Life, Career and Photoplay: A Psychological Study – Walter Hölbling: The Collector, the Educator, and the Humanist: Austrian Publishers and Book Dealers in the USA after 1938 – Frauke Lenckos: «Homeless»: The Poetry of Anna Krommer – Kathleen Rose: Simkhe: Yiddish Words of Love – Heike Paul: Multilingualism and Metaphors of Musicality: Israel Zangwill, Jeannette Lander, Ferdinand Kürnberger – Norbert Krapf: The Complications in Making an American Book of Poems about Germany – Gert Niers: Same Place, Other Language: German Literature from America.