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The Mission of the Scholar

Research and Practice – A Tribute to Nelson Haggerson


Michael P. Wolfe and Caroline R. Pryor

The Mission of the Scholar: Research and Practice – A Tribute to Nelson Haggerson is a collection of essays that examines the multiple definitions and descriptions of the scholar’s work. This book reflects on what constitutes scholarly work and highlights the important perspectives of each scholar’s beliefs and practices in conducting research. The Mission of the Scholar serves as a mentor for the next generation of scholars.
Contents: Robin McTaggart: Action Research Scholar. The Role of the Scholar in Action Research – Betty E. Steffy/Michael P. Wolfe: Conceptual Scholar. Understanding the Challenges Facing Career Classroom Teachers – Caroline R. Pryor: Practitioner Scholar – David C. Berliner: Empirical Scholar. In Search of Warrant – John Smyth: Critical Scholar. Exploring the Critical Politics of Teaching – Nelson L. Haggerson, Jr.: Mytho-Poetic Scholar – Lee Bach: Heuristic Scholar. Heuristic Inquiry and the Heuristic Scholar – Walter W. Feinberg: Philosophical Scholar. Methodists and Marxists: Learning to Ask Philosophical Questions – Louis M. Smith: Biographical Scholar. Nora, Charlie, and Me: A Biographical Journey – Barbara E. Thiering: Theological Scholar – William H. Watkins: Multicultural Scholar – Patrick Slattery/Rebecca McElfresh: Spiritual Scholar. Toward a Theology of Aesthetic Liberation – David Geoffrey Smith: Hermeneutic Scholar – Zeno M. Johnson III: Bibliographic Scholar. A Review of Selected Writings by Nelson L. Haggerson, Jr.