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Challenge and Change in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

Case Studies in Educational Innovation

Ronald G. Sultana

This book presents case studies of educational innovation in a number of Mediterranean countries. Each chapter provides the reader with a background detailing key national socio-cultural, economic, and political dynamics that drive educational development in the region. As they attempt to meet the challenge of participating in the global economy, several countries in the south of Europe and the Middle East and North African region look toward formal education to bring about change – be this through curricular reform, the introduction of information technology, or the engagement of new and more effective forms of instruction. This collection provides important insights into the process of innovation and the role that education plays in modernization.
Contents: Ronald G. Sultana: Educational Innovation in the Context of Challenge and Change: a Euro-Mediterranean Perspective – George Pasias/George Flouris: Innovations in Greece at the End of the 20th Century: Problems, Challenges and Prospects – Marco Todeschini: Facing the High Tide of Immigration: a Challenge for Education in Italy – Deborah Chetcuti: Meeting the Challenge of Equity: the Introduction of Differentiated Examination Papers in Malta – Gertrudes Amaro: Curriculum Innovation in Portugal - The Área-Escola Initiative – Xavier Bonal: Critical Action-Research for Democratic Education in Spain: an Assessment of Teacher’s Cultural Change – Mohamed Miliani: Pre-School Education in Algeria: a New Deal? – Nagwa Youssef Gamal El-Din: In-Service Teacher Training at a Distance: The Egyptian Experience – Suleiman Khoja/Frank Ventura: Curriculum Innovation in Libya: Physics at the Basic Education Level – Zakia Belhachmi: The Moroccan University and Innovation in Feminist Knowledge: Challenges and Alternatives – Gisela Baumgratz: North-South Issues in Educational Reform - a Tunisian Case-Study – Helen Phtiaka: Meeting the Challenge: Integration, Inclusive Education and Children with Special Educational Needs in Cyprus – Devorah Kalekin-Fishman: School Computerization as a National Task in Israel – Muhammad Raji Zughoul: The Language of Higher Education in Jordan: Conflict, Challenges and Innovative Accomodation – Nemer Frayha: Curricular Innovation in Lebanon: an Uneasy Experience – Maher Hashweh/Ismail Njoum: A Case-based Approach to Education in Palestine – Ronald G. Sultana: Syria’s Global Education Initiative – Hasan Simsek/Ali Yildirim: The Reform of Pre-Service Teacher Education in Turkey – Bardhyl Musai: Reforming Teacher Education in Albania: Innovations in Partnership and Mentoring – Mirjam M. Hladnik: Educational Innovation and the Panacea of School Reform - the Slovenian Case.