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Australian Divagations

Mallarmé and the 20 th Century

Jill Anderson

Two revolutionary texts by Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898) lie at the heart of this book, the poem Un Coup de dés and the prose collection Divagations. An international team of scholars from Paris to New York explores the multiple connections between Mallarmé and Australia, especially as they are embodied in the works of Sydney poet Chris Brennan (1869-1932), whose writing, according to Mallarmé, offered a «parenté de songe» («a kinship of dream») with his own. With its focus on divagation – or wandering, reverie, and exploration – this book summons forth a Mallarmé seen through a specifically Australian lens, through the focus of a century of critical and creative responses to his work, a Mallarmé whose poetics enfold a particular femininity as well as a particular response to the feminine, and a Mallarmé who possessed the extraordinary gift of seeing inspiring contemporary art.
Contents: Rosemary Lloyd: Notes in View of a Book on Mallarmé – Jill Anderson: Mallarmé millénaire: An Exquisite Crisis – Rosemary Lloyd: Mallarmé Reading Brennan, Brennan Reading Mallarmé – Chris Wallace-Crabbe: Strangled Rhetoric and Damaged Glamor: Mallarmé and John Forbes – David Brooks: A. D. Hope and the Symbolistes – John Hawke: The Politics of Symbolism: The Correspondence of Randolph Hughes and Jack Lindsay – Jill Anderson: Mallarmé en Australie: Esquisse d’une méthode – Mary Ann Caws: Bloomsbury’s Mallarmé – Jean-Luc Steinmetz: Hommages: Mallarmé et la Nouvelle Revue Française – Kevin Hart: Blanchot’s «Primal Scene» – James Lawler: Claudel’s «La Catastrophe d’Igitur» – Thierry Alcoloumbre: Mallarmé Hebraïcus – Claude-Pierre Perez: Claudel: Un Disciple paradoxal – Michel Deguy: Mallarmé’s Strategic Move: «The White Waterlily» – Peter Brown: La Dernière Mode ou le premier mode de Mallarmé? – Alain Girard: Mallarmé: Don d’un Salut – Peter Hambly: «Le Tombeau de Charles Baudelaire» – Jill Anderson: A Un Passant: Erotics of Encounter and Esthetic Transgression in «L’Ecclésiastique» – Marc André Brouillette: Le Blanc «Théâtre» d’Anne-Marie Albiach – Fiona Caro: Henri Matisse, Stéphane Mallarmé, Poésies – Antje Quast: Reflections of Mallarmé in the Work of Dan Graham – Lyn Merrington: Mallarmé and Carol Rudyard: A Quest for the Essence – Jean-Pierre Ramet: Le Sonnet en «nox».