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Theatrical Gestures of Belgian Modernism

Dada, Surrealism, Futurism, and Pure Plastic in Twentieth-Century Belgian Theatre


David Willinger

Theatrical Gestures of Belgian Modernism assembles a series of brilliant dramatic works issuing from a remarkably fecund modern period of artistic creation in Belgium. It includes dadaists like Clément Pansaers and Paul Joostens; surrealists like Paul Nougé, René Magritte, Paul Colinet, Fernand Dumont, and Marcel Mariën; expressionists like Michel De Ghelderode and Norge; and futurists like Georges Linze. In an introduction of great historical accuracy and detail, editor David Willinger guides the reader through the maze of modernist tendencies that blossomed, intersected, and combated throughout the first part of the twentieth century in Belgium. Many of these works, whose extraordinary iconoclasm defy presentation on a conventional stage, herald some of the more radical experiments in theatrical and dramatic craft later in the century.
Contents: Clément Pansaers: The Mountebanks: A Polyhedral Comedy for Live Puppets – Paul Joostens: Scandal in Deliverance. Joan of Arc, or the Truncated Maid – Michel Seuphor: The Ephemeral is Eternal – Paul Nougé: The Other Side of the Cards: A Show – Paul Colinet: The Negative Particle – Marcel Mariën/Paul Nougé: The Side Taken by the Light – Fernand Dumont: Surrealist Film – Michel De Ghelderode: Blockheads - Venus - Dreams Drowning – Georges Norge: Tom Tom: Scenic Polypoem for Five Voices – Georges Linze: The Shipwreck of the Titanic. Crime in the Congo Bar.