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Literary Practice

Volume III- Esthetics of Literary Subjects


Dushan Bresky and Miroslav Malik

Literary Practice III concludes Dushan Bresky’s major critical trilogy. Following Volume I, outlining a comprehensive method for evaluating literary art, and Volume II, analyzing the elusive stimulative qualities of style, Volume III focuses on the esthetics of literary content. Its time-tested subjects include violent and psychological conflicts, erotic bonds, as well as humorous, supernatural, fantastic, utopian, and bizarre topics. In estimating their potential impact, Bresky draws not only on the French heritage (his academic specialty) but branches into all Western literatures, ranging from the Illiad and the medieval Legenda Aurea to the novels of Samuel Beckett and John Updike. In the «Biocybernetic Epilog» written just before his death in 1998, collaborator Miroslav Malik discusses the evolution of biometric techniques designed to monitor our responses to perception and their auxiliary role in esthetic literary criticism.
Contents: Literary Subject: Its Concept, Kinds and Stimulative Power – Literary Content: Its Micro- and Macro-Stimuli – Conflicts – Erotic Joys and Sins – Humor and the Power of Laughter – Cosmic Powers: Gods and Devils – Fantasies, Utopias and Bizarreries – A Biocybernetic Epilog by Miroslav Malik – Conclusions.